About Gunters

Our Business

Gunters Greenhouse was founded by Burt Gunter in 1980, originally to grow and sell vegetables to farmers. We cultivated superb quality crops, and quickly grew our operations to include flowers. We continued consistently growing healthy, high quality produce year after year, spurring demand for a more diverse assortment of greenery.

birdsnest fern in hand

Today, we grow just about everything, including houseplants, flowers, fruits, perennials, annuals, succulents, and uncommon rare & exotic plants.

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Our Family

Gunters Owners, Kevin & Melanie

Management of the greenhouse has passed down to our second generation of greenhouse operators: Kevin, Melanie, & their children. Their philosophy revolves around doing everything by hand with superior quality natural soils and fertilizers to ensure each and every one of our plants thrive.

Our pest control team is also always hard at work!

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Our Mission

We strive to spread happiness and health through plants that brighten up and filter your environment. That’s why we have taken part of Gunters online, to send our love of plants nationwide.

Take a look around! We have hundreds of beautiful plants to choose from, occasionally including extremely rare varieties. And most importantly, stay green!

- The Gunters Family

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